Granada is not only a fantastic sounding word that means pomegranate, it is also a city that has rich history. Previously built as a safe ground for Muslims who were pushed out of the surrounding areas during the Spanish Civil War, Granada now exemplifies diverse culture and this is its main draw. The centre of Granada holds the great Alhambra palace, which displays spellbinding views of the surrounding city and is an example of fantastic architecture. The most beautiful gardens are held inside.

Viewing the Alhambra from the plaza directly opposite, as street music played behind us and the bustle of crowds purchasing items at street stalls filled our ears, we feasted our eyes on bright blue skies, snow covered mountains and the magnitude of the palace.

Our tour guide had shared with us a famous Arabic phrase written inside the Alhambra: ‘Give him alms, woman. There is nothing as bad as being blind in Granada’. Photos can demonstrate this view, but they cannot do it justice; your eyes will gasp, the scenery will take your breath away and you will realise what a gift it is to be able to see. It was cardiac arrest by landscape, which is my kind of wake up call.

Below, in the white wash city, there is Pakistani tea in Arabic tea shops, one euro tapas, (thanks to the high population of Erasmus students) and plenty of street bazaars. As Granada inhabits plenty of surprises, it becomes an easy favourite when deciding which city to visit in Spain. Hold up Granada, you have my heart.


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